Clue II


After 5 years, we again put the art works of four people- Fang Lijun, Wang Yin, Xiao Yu  and Yang Maoyuan- together. And again it is still based on the observation to “Clue”. As professional artists, there’s no doubt that they four all have fields that they are deeply interested in. They have developed their own working clue. The observation or interpretation to everyone of them is always carrying out with their own works. Reading and displaying according to their own clues is different from not only their own solo exhibitions, but also group exhibitions with special topic that they four participated respectively. Clue will not focus on their achievement, but pay more attention to their working trends and patterns. In these five years, Xiao Yu has experienced his own “headache” worried about going wrong in his creation. “Sleeping on other’s bed”, he began to make new acquaintance with images, forms, implied meanings and materials in arts. Several days before, I saw a little paintings of Wang Yin which is only a little bigger than the B5 paper and is a watercolor painting he finished on the road home from the studio. Though it is sure that this painting will not be displayed on exhibitions, we can find Wang Yin’s intellectuality in it. Interests to the sense of mystery and the experience of walking on the wild field are connected to Yang Maoyuan’s creation in these years. If we say the works of Wang Yin are trying to find common sense in a mess, Yang Maoyuan seems to be finding the specialty in daily life. While in Fang Lijun’s art museum plan and university plan, which used himself as one case to explore and display, has not only surpassed the pure state of studio, but also stimulated art to be the extension of social culture. It is “ the different, but not the similarity that constitutes.

Cognitive behavior, one description, the integrity of personality”( Berlin discussed the presence) This features of cognition displayed according to the clues can probably activate one element pointed out by Gilles Deleuze—“Through expanding it and letting it close to other elements, we will achieve one connection relation”. It is also likely to activate some neglected objects and ideas among several clues.