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Today Art Museum Membership

  1. Support Today Art Museum. Support Arts and Culture Charities!
  2. Promote the Development of Contemporary Art in China Together!
  3. Share the Visual and Spiritual Experience Brought by Contemporary Art!
  4. As the first private non-profit art museum in China, the mission of Today Art Museum is to become a pioneer of contemporary art museums in China.
  5. In the context of current China's social development, Today Art Museum focuses on contemporary art and insists on exploring how to expand the social role and function of contemporary art museums through the internationalization of folk forces.
  6. In order to gather more power to enhance the cohesiveness of China's contemporary art circle, we sincerely invite you to become a member of TAM and work together for the development of China's contemporary art.
  7. Thank you for your support to the non-profit art museum!

Today Art Museum Membership

  1. 1.Before using the membership rights for the first time, you need to complete the membership card at the reception desk of Building 1 of TAM.
  2. 2.To become a student member, you should provide a valid student ID (including full-time postgraduate, undergraduate and below) and ID card.
  3. 3.Yixiang members are only allowed to apply for registration by the relevant personnel of 31 independently established undergraduate art colleges determined by the Ministry of Education (please consult the Today Art Museum 010-58760600-100) and should provide valid documents and ID cards.
  4. 4.Members should go to the ticketing center to exchange the paper ticket with the e-Membership Card. When you change the ticket, please click the electronic membership card page, the photo or screenshot is invalid.
  5. 5.Parking Terms:
  6. Parking opening hours: 10:00-18:00;
  7. Watching the exhibition, please present your e-Membership Card when you enter the parking lot. Please show the paper ticket stub for the exhibition ticket when you leave, you can park for free (except at night, cloth and dismantling time);
  8. If the parking space is full or during the dismantling period, please turn right and go 100 meters to the 22nd block underground parking lot parking.
  9. 6.Your membership card is valid for one year(365 days) from the day of activation..
  10. 7.Membership is transferable and non-refundable.
  11. TAM reserves the right of final interpretation for all matters related to membership cards issued.Thank you for your support to the non-profit art museum!

TAM Membership

  1. Annual Fee:
  2. Individual membership RMB 500
  3. Dual membership RMB 800
  4. Student membership RMB 300
  5. YIXIANG membership RMB 300
  7. Free Admission
  8. Unlimited admission to all TAM exhibitions (except special exhibitions).
  9. 30% off to one discounted exhibition ticket for one accompanying guest per visit.
  10. Ticket Discounts
  11. 40% off to special exhibition ticket for member.
  12. 30% off to one special exhibition ticket for one accompanying guest per visit.
  13. Free Admission
  14. Free class of Today Future Art Center for Children for once.
  15. Free participation in a cultural event for once, such as forum, public course or performance, etc.
  16. Event Discounts
  17. Special discounts for cultural events.
  18. Special Discounts.
  19. 5% off at The TAM Bookstore, TAM Art Gift Center and Today Café(Foreign edition books, sculptures and special products excluded)
  20. Enjoy exclusive discounts at participating businesses.
  21. Special Services
  22. Exclusive member service
  23. Priority reservations on cultural events
  24. Use of the Members Lane for entry to TAM exhibitions.
  25. Invitations to members-only opening ceremonies, receptions, guided tours, and special events.
  26. Free admission to exclusive art institutions.
  27. Special Gifts
  28. (Student members and YIXIANG members have no special gifts )

Membership Special Benefits

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