Today Art Museum is a private non-enterprise and non-profit art museum, which focuses on collection, research and exhibition of China Contemporary Art. Since the foundation in 2002, Today Art Museum has collected about 1000 important contemporary art works in all types. The collections of the museum can be divided into three parts: the works collected by Today Art Museum, the digital virtual works collected by Today Art Museum and donated works. The emphasis of collection is contemporary on-canvas oil art. Concurrently the museum also has collected contemporary arts in other forms. This leads to a comprehensive collection including art works in forms of installation, oil paintings, print-making, sculpture, video and Chinese Paintings. The number of categories of collections has reached nearly ten. The collections of Today Art museum have almost embraced almost all the works of famous contemporary artists. Only the number of works of Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang and Wang Guangyi have already reached one hundred including Fang Lijun’s “2004-2006”, the large-scale oil painting which is 38 meters long and 4 meters high. Besides, the art museum aslo collects a lot of works of contemporary chinese painting and calligraphy artists involving Wang Yong, Zhang Ting, Long Rui and Ding Liren. The collections also contain works of Tan Ping, Hong Lei, Lu Hao, Xin Dongwang, Ji Dachun and Yin Zhaoyang.

Today Art Museum not only accepts the donations of art works from artists and collectors, but also does collection on specific type of contemporary art. Centering on the collections of Today Art Museum, it’ll also organize long-term collection exhibitions every year. Besides, it provides services of collections’ storage and loaning.

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