Marie de Villepin – Behind the sun

Opening time:2023.4.21
Duration: 2023.04.21 -- 2023.06.13
Location: Today Art Museum Hall 2, No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Exhibition Preface

Behind the sun is where infinity begins: we appreciate that the sun still exists, indeed everywhere, and yet behind the sun, it no longer illuminates anything; its rays are lost in a long wander without fortuity. There lies the edge of what Liu Cixin would call the Dark Forest, this universe where all communication becomes imprecation, where the entirety of civilization would “glide amongst the woods like a ghost, somewhat lifting up the branches on its way, striving not to make any noise with its footsteps.” There, amongst the stars, move Marie’s canvases, at times with the serenity of “music of the spheres”, other times with the explosiveness of desperate rage typical of heavy metal. 




Marie de Villepin