Today Art Museum-Office assistant of director

Job description:

1. Assist in dealing with the daily affairs of the director's office;

2. Responsible for the reception of clients in the office of the director;

3. Manage the working documents of the director, such as the renewal and signing of documents; 

4. Coordinate the work schedule of the director, such as updating the schedule, booking flight tickets and hotels, etc;

5. Coordinate the convening of executives’ meeting, such as pre-meeting preparation, meeting notification and meeting minutes, etc;

6. Complete all kinds of projects and affairs temporarily arranged by the director;


Basic requirements:

1. Good English, clear logic, good writing skills, love art; 

2. Integrity and honesty, strong sense of responsibility, optimistic; 

3. Good communication, coordination and problem solving skills, active team player; 

4. More than one year working experience or graduating student with internship experience in art institutions; 

This position requires excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, please deliver carefully! 

Exhibition Center-Project leader

Job description:

1. Receive exhibitors, negotiate exhibitions, have a brief introduction and exhibition process of the museum; 

2. Execute and follow-up the exhibitions and implementation of exhibition plans; 

3. Move-in and move-out the exhibition, On-site supervision of opening ceremony;


Basic requirements:

1. Love art and be willing to contact all affairs related to exhibition; 

2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, clear logic, serious-minded, efficient; 

3. Good communication and learning, be willing to find and solve problems; 

4. Adhere to standards at work and be good at self-summary and improvement; 

5. More than 1 year relevant working experience, bachelor degree or above;

6. Art History and Museum majors are preferred. And Media, Architecture, Design and Art-related Majors are also expected;

Media Department-New media editor

Job description:

1. Responsible for the publication and interactive operation of Today Art Museum’s all official media information: Official Website, Weibo, WeChat, Douban, etc;

2. Statistics and analysis of respective medium’s data; 

3. Crisis public relations; 

4. Brand image maintenance of Today Art Museum;

5. Manage brochure of official exhibitions; 

6. Expand new media and maintain media relations; 

7. Cooperate with project implementation;


Basic requirements:

1. Proficiency in PS, Excel, Word and other office software; 

2. Proficiency in Web Site Background Software; 

3. Text proofreading ability; 

4. Good writing skills, strong website planning, be familiar with the current network language;

5. Have a strong sense of responsibility, conscientious and efficient;

6. News and Editorial Major Priority

Today Art Museum-Academic leader

Job description:

1. To assist the academic director, academic vice-director in sorting out the key exhibition plans and schemes for the next year; 

2. Daily management of collection and combing collection system of Today Art Museum. And be responsible for collecting donated works of Today Art Museum; 

3. Be responsible for the planning and implementation of academic publications in the Academic Department; 

4. Follow-up and communicate with international and domestic seminars;

5. Exhibition and academic training; 

6. Database management of exhibition and academic department;


Basic requirements:
1. Has a certain knowledge of Chinese and foreign art history;

2. Good at writing essays of art majors and strong writing ability; 

3. Good at communication, clear logic, strong sense of responsibility and conscientious;


Job description:

1. Be responsible for the accounting work of cultural industry company; 

2. Be responsible for the accounting and statement preparation of the company; 

3. Be responsible for the tax declaration of the company; 

4. Assist other departments in supplier verification and settlement;


Basic requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years related working experience; 

2. Hold accounting certificate and professional title of accountant, Beijing residence registration is preferred;

3. Experience in cost accounting of commodity circulation enterprises, be familiar with relevant accounting software; 

4. Work conscientiously, strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills;


What is the internship recruitment plan of Today Art Museum?  

We offer students abundant internship positions. Interns have opportunities to work in all the main department of the art museum. According to interns’ major, we’ll arrange interns to exhibition department, development department, research department and contemporary art research institute. We expect you to take an active part in it. The internship will not only help you gather experience and opportunities, but also lay good foundation for future work as well. Today Art Museum looks forward to create much greater future with you! Meanwhile, we also wish to offer help to your future career. 

What’s the benefit of the internship?

Today Art Museum will offer you internship which will give you chance to keep in contact with artists and art institutes. Let art lighten your life.

You can apply internship position in other departments after this turn’s interview is over.
The length of internship in Today Art Museum is at least one month. In this way, interns can get familiar with the condition of programs and the requirement of the position, and also gain some work experience in internship.

The Intern Application Form (Download)