Today Design Art Museum is a professional museum initiated by the curator Zhang Zikang, extending the valueof designas core and driving social force of design as mission and Luo Yi works as the organizer and executive director.

Today Design Art Museum concerns on Chinese contemporary design under the context of globalization. Since the beginning corporation in 2009, it has being forming its mode through the events on design continuously including that design collection, design archive, design study, design education, design show, design publication, design shop (product channel), international exchange and cooperation on design, promotion activity etc. related to several designcategoriesabout graphic design, architecture, product, costume and photography.

The Design Art Museum is applied to set up communication system between design program and various fields and aspects such as government, enterprise, school, audience, and becomes adialogplatform interlinking professionals and institutions of design center, museum, research institute, laboratory, design house. With established academic and public education system, it supplies way to understand and participate in contemporary design for different audience with ages and backdrops and devotes value to cultivation, discovery, support and popularity of native designers and design culture.

Until now,Today Design Art Museum was run with its HQ and possesses the same set of showing space,administrative resources and system, which plans to hold professional exhibitions about design and more than one hundred promotional activities every year so as to boost the social power of design. In the near future,Today Design Art Museum will be managed as an independent pavilion and build the bridge connecting Chinese and international contemporary design with gradually improving running system.