oday Art Museum is a privately owned non-profit art museum, emphasis on collecting, researching and exhibiting Chinese contemporary art. Since its establishment in 2002, Today Art Museum has acquired more than 5,000 pieces of contemporary artworks of all media. The collection mainly consists by three parts: Today Art Museum collections, Today Art Museum virtual collections and donations. The collection focuses on contemporary classic 2-D works, as well as other genres of contemporary artworks, formed a complete collection including a dozen media, from ink-wash paintings, oil paintings, etchings, sculptures, photographs, videos to installations. The collection of Today Art Museum includes almost all the works of established well-known Chinese contemporary artists', and near a hundred works form artists such as Fang Lijun, Yue Minjun, Zhang Xiaogang and Wang Guangyi; among them is a 38 meters long by 4 meters tall large scale painting titled "2004-2006." Besides these artists, works of modern Chinese ink-wash and calligraphy maters as such Wang Yong, Zhang Ding, Long Run, Ding Liren are among the collections. Works of Tan Ping, Hong Lei, Lu Hao, Xin Dongwang, Ji Dachun, and Yin Zhaoyang are also part of the contemporary masters collection at the Today Art Museum.