Today Art Museum Academic Board


Today Art Museum Academic Board was established on May 1st, 2007. It mainly takes charge of academic orientation of exhibitions, academic popularization and education. 

Experts’ suggestions not only have great influence on broadening the academic construction, guiding the collection and the conservation of works, and planning exhibitions, but can also help decide the periodic developing tendencies and make large scale, insightful plans for Today Art Musem. 

The foundation of the academic board built a stage for more diverse and open exchange between the art museum and the public, experts, and artists. Experts can also promote the academic value of exhibitions and the influence of activities. Furthermore, the academic board has also stimulated the construction and development of the art museum itself.


In addition to focusing on Today Art Museum, the Academic Board will also pay attention to the development of other Chinese private art museums, and work hard to develop Today Art Museum into a special and distinguished art museum in China and internationally.


Structure of the Academic Board:

Art theoretician, art critic, curator, curator of the museum

Purpose and Process:

I. Purpose

-Grasping the academic direction, Making annual exhibitions and developing strategic plans; Examining and approving the academic quality of the exhibitions and activities held by the art museum.

-Assisting organizing the large-scale art activities in the art museum: exhibitions, academic seminars, lectures; acting as art judges in related academic activities.

-Recommending exhibitions and activities with high academic value to the art museum, helping to build a stage for the exchange between Today Art Museum and distinguished art museums at home and abroad, respected artists, and scholars.

-Introducing the administrative experience of art museums at home and board; Giving advice and suggestions to the academic development direction of the art museum

II. Process-Submitting the draft of the exhibition/activity plan-Examining and verifying the draft of the exhibition/activity plan-Argument advice statement -Review and vote-Carrying out the resolution

Tentative Experts List of Academic Board (Ranking by the phonetic alphabet of last name):

Huang Du Chair of Academic Board of TAM ,Curator,Critic.
Gerardo Mosquera Curator, critic, art historian
Professor.Jonathan Harris Head of Birmingham School of Art at Birmingham City University
Jonathan Watkins Curator, Director of the Ikon Gallery 
Professor Chris Wainwright Chair of Fine Art,UAL.
Chiba Shigeo Curator,art critic,Professor of Nagoya University
Jinsuk Suh Curator, Director of Nam June Paik Art Center
Prof.Dr.LaoZhu President of International Assoiation of Art History, Professor of Peking university
YU Ke Professor of Sichuan art Institute 
WANG Chunchen CAFA art museum, head of acadamic department
HE Guiyan Head of art history department of Sichuan art Institute 
LU Mingjun Professor of Sichuan University
WANG Guangyi Artist
WU Hongliang Deputy director of Beijing Art Academy
SUI Jianguo Artist