2015 Chinese Performing Arts Yearbook 


Due to the transient particularity of the performance art scene, it cannot be completely restored by documentary records. However, it is still necessary for the value of literature to exist. Record the performance scene and construct the art history with pictures, videos and words. Only in this way can the performance art works be studied, exhibited, spread and collected.


It has been more than 30 years since the development of performance art in China, and its unique artistic form and ecological composition have also changed with the delay of time. However, over the years, there are few monographs, academic discussions and critical articles on performance art, which make performance art always in the embarrassing situation of being confused and easy to be misinterpreted

Based on this, in early 2016, the performance art research center and today art museum jointly prepared and published the 2015 Chinese performance art yearbook, aiming to collect the most cutting-edge works of Chinese performance art in 2015, and set up an editorial committee to systematically sort out and proofread the works, and compile them into literature publication.Hoped that this book as a system to record the beginning of China's important performance art, through in yearbook published each year can better and more perfect in the future promotion behavior art, rich information database, data issued a relatively complete works, provide the public with the rich content of the work for reading, for this unique art type to wider attention and recognition.