Xiang Yang “East Meets West” opened on the Thames, the East and the West enthusiastically meets


On October 16, 2015, at 16pm London time, Xiang Yang's installation "Ultra Architecture——East Meets West" successfully opened in London, UK. Next,  "East Meets West" will begin its two-week exhibition in Britain to welcome art enthusiasts from Britain and around the world at London St Katharine Docks. Artist Xiang Yang, Director of Today Art Museum Gao Peng, Vice-President of London University of Art Chris Wainwright made speeches in the opening ceremony.

“East Meets West”at London St Katharine Docks

“East Meets West” at night

Celebrating for successfully opening

"East Meets West"passed through London Bridge

"East Meets West"entered into London St Katharine Docks

President Chris and Curator Anne accepted interview

"Ultra Architecture——East Meets West" is the most important work of Xiang Yang. It has been exhibited in Basel, Germany, and Today Art Museum for many times, and the exhibition all well-received by the industry and the public. In this London exhibition, the artist installed his works on a barge and drifted along the river for the first time. Unlike previous exhibitions, this unique way of exhibition embodies that artist ever roved around in overseas. The entire exhibition was photographed, and the documentary will be an important part of the project and will be permanently collected by Today Art Museum.

Artist and photography team

 “East Meets West”received attention from media