Fang Lijun’s Solo Exhibition in MOCA of Singapore


Sponsored by MOCA of Singapore and cooperated with Linda Gallery, Fang Lijun’s solo exhibition will open in MOCA of Singapore.


Fang Lijun keeps the works in his early years and creation materials, original manuscripts and work photos over the years. He is typical of Chinese professional artists emphasizing documentary value. In the early 1990’s, he began to record and track each piece of his works that had been sold. Almost all the exhibitions he participated in and all the ID information of collectors were well documented.


In this exhibition, the key data will be systematically selected from his creation practice in different phases in order to reflect the special influence from the China on individual existence under the remarkable times change and the influence from specific historical condition on artistic creation. It will be present by the artist’s drafts and notes etc. what he has been thinking about with time flying and the extraordinary creativity. Through the “creation archives”, we could preferably understand and observe the specific age the artist lived in, and valuation and thought situation of the age.