【CAFA | EAST Science and Technology & Arts Festival】Seven on Seven Beijing


The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), the New Museum in New York City and its subordinate new media arts non-profit organization "Rhizome" are pleased to announce that they will jointly present on November 20, 2018 EAST- Seven on Seven Beijing Program. Seven on Seven is an art and technology dialogue program founded in 2010 by Lauren Cornell, a former deputy director and senior curator of the New Museum in New York City. At each of Seven on Seven events, the organizer invites 7 artists to match 7 people from the tech world and to start creation on unlimited themes. The results will be demonstrated at designated venues to online and offline audiences a few weeks later and a brief presentation will be introduced too.

As a flagship platform of the New Museum to guide the exchange between art and technology, the Seven on Seven will take root in China, invite outstanding figures from the two fields of art and technology to work together and create new art and technology projects; this Seven on Seven is also a part of "East-Technology & Art Season" led by Professor Qiu Zhijie, Dean of School of Experimental Arts of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. A one-day event will be held on November 20, 2018 and all items will be presented for the first time at Riverside Art Museum, a core partner of EAST – Seven on Seven Beijing.

This Seven on Seven also opens up a new model, in addition to sending invitations to previous excellent pairs for program iteration and re-creation, Zakari Kaplan, Executive Director of Rhizome, New Museum of New York City, will select five pairs from cooperators who are willing to make innovations in China's outstanding arts and technology fields together with Chen Baoyang, a young teacher at the School of Experimental Arts of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Venue: Riverside Art Museum (Hongyan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing)

Time: 11:00-19:00, Nov. 20, 2018

Information of Pairs

Re-invited pairs from previous Seven on Seven programs are:

克莱尔·L·埃文斯(Claire L. Evans) 艺术家、作家

Claire L. Evans, Artist and Writer

特雷西·周 (Tracy Chou) 工程师及多样性倡导者

Tracy Chou, Engineer and Diversity Advocate

Sean Raspet, Artist and Co-founder of Nonfood

Francis Tseng, Developer and Designer 

New Pairs

Following research on the arts and technology sectors in China, the new pairs of EAST – Seven on Seven Beijing will create works in four directions, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Liquid metal and Augmented Reality (AR). The following five pairs will bring us liquid metal art devices, new dances based on algorithm analysis, automatic mind maps driven by artificial intelligence, an experience that breaks the gap between the real and the virtual, and an innovative platform that solves digital art forms.


Qiu Zhijie, Artist

He Xiaodong, Executive Vice President of JD Group AI Research Institute, Director of Deep Learning and Speech & Language Laboratory


Zhang Ziqian, Artist and Choreographer

Liu Qiyue, Head of Video Analysis Algorithms of iQiyi

Liquid Metal

Wang Hongzhang, EAST New Materials Team

Qiu Siyao, EAST New Materials Team

Liu Jing, Professor at Medical School of Tsinghua University, Researcher at Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS


Gao Peng, Director of Today Art Museum

Jia Yinghao, CEO of Hash Future

Augmented Reality

Ye Zhicong, Artist

Zhang Zhen, CEO of BeHiLL

Zachary Kaplan, Executive Director of Rhizome

We are very pleased to have this dream partnership with the Central Academy of Fine Arts. CAFA and we have jointly created a Seven on Seven program suitable for Beijing and brought outstanding science, technology and art collaborators to China to explore the future of art and technology on the basis of local research.

Qiu Zhijie, Professor

CAFA EAST-Technology & Art Season hopes to work with the New Museum in New York City and Rhizome to create a new model of art and technology cooperation based on previous achievements of Seven on Seven. It is hoped that local art and technology organizations will be able to develop a more international arena through this model. I sincerely invite friends and partners from all walks of life to pay attention to Seven on Seven Beijing and EAST Science and Technology & Arts Festival.

Background of Seven on Seven

Since 2010, Rhizome's Seven on Seven has brought together the insights into arts and technology and constantly created new projects: art works, prototypes of technology products, and unrestrained imaginations. The results of the collaboration between artists and tech leaders are shared at public meetings, and this unique open platform reveals the future of arts and technology over and over again. Among its successive participants were founders of major technology companies, such as David Karp, founder of Tumblr, Andrew Kortina, co-founder of Venmo, Kellan Elliott-McCrea, chief technology officer of Etsy, and Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram.

The New Museum is a large art museum in downtown Manhattan. Designed by renowned Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA), the seven-storeyed museum is composed of several superimposed boxes. Since its inception, the museum has devoted itself to exhibitions and activities in the fields of science, technology and arts. The museum has established Rhizome, which is dedicated to the planning of science, technology and art programs, and New INC, the first technology & art incubator in North America launched by an art museum. 

Rhizome, as a sub-organization of the New Museum, focuses on the display and collection of science and technology arts. In addition to associated offline activities, Rhizome builds a very energetic virtual space - visitors may browse through their ArtBase scientific and technological works of art that exist in many forms, including games, software, code, websites, browsers, and etc.

Riverside Art Museum is a private art museum founded by Riverside Group. With its global vision and operational norms, the museum is committed to focusing on the development of multi-directional contemporary art and has long emphasized on the identification and cultivation of contemporary young artists.