Mr. Alex Gao, the Director of Today Art Museum, attended Archive Fever in Contemporary Art Institutions and Creative Practice


Date: December 11th, 2015

Venue: The Asia Culture Center Archive and Research in Gwangju, Korea

Sponsor: The Asia Culture Center Archive and Research

The Asia Culture Center Archive and Research is devoted to collecting and preserving digital archives of both diasporas of Asian regions as well as artistic mediums such as Asian photography, video, performance, sound, and music. It also collects materials representing the city and architecture. Celebrating the archive’s historical opening this November, this panel would like to invite artists, scholars, archivists, and curators to discuss the diverse possibilities of archives in post-medium and post-photographic society. With regard to archives, contemporary artists and curators look for aesthetic possibilities in the production of artworks or exhibitions; at the same time, scholars find in the archives the operation of an “aporia” as in Jacques Derrida’s “Archives Fever.” Surplus archives in art institutions may lead not only to archive fever but also to archive ennui. This panel would like to create a forum in which diverse or conflicting roles and functions of archives work. The panel would also question the way archives create imaginary, cultural, and historical consciousness beyond national boundaries or continental zones such as Asia. This panel would also like to discuss the technical conditions of archives and performing archives, ranging from the substantial physical to the virtual digital forms of archives.