Announcement on the postponement of Bob Dylan:Retrospectrum



Dear audience! Due to the current epidemic situation in Beijing, the museum will strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic. Please note that the following measures have been announced for the existing exhibition.

1. Bob DylanRetrospectrum

The opening of "Bob DylanRetrospectrum" scheduled for June 25 will be postponed. The specific opening date will be announced in time after confirmation. The exhibition is the most detailed and profound exhibition of Bob Dylan's visual art creation in the world so far, and also the first appearance in Beijing. Please keep looking forward!

What about buying early bird tickets?

Early bird tickets will be postponed according to the time of opening. Friends who have already purchased tickets can continue to use them after opening.


2. The fourth literature exhibition today——A Stitch in Time


"The fourth literature exhibition today——A Stitch in Time" will close on June 25. Based on the world's latest complex political, economic and cultural changes, 37 artists use visual arts and concept works to respond to the global problems we face.


How to make an appointment?

In the special period of epidemic prevention and control, today's art museum will implement the method of real name appointment visit, manage the staff in the museum in strict accordance with the requirements of the superior, take protective measures, disinfect the public areas, and provide safe and orderly viewing environment for everyone.