Dear members and audiences:

In response to the prevention and control of new coronavirus, Today Art Museum and many art museums will extend the closing time. In view of the current situation, in order to better protect the interests of members and audiences, we have introduced the following measures:

【Membership card validity extended】
All valid 2020 membership cards can be extended for 6 months.
(Example: The membership card purchased on July 1, 2019, the original validity period expires on July 1, 2020, and the validity period after extension is January 1, 2021.)

【About the Exhibition】
I. "The fourth literature exhibition today | “A Stitch in Time” "Where did you come from?" 》 The exhibition period will be extended, and the purchased tickets can be postponed until the exhibition closes.

2. If you need a refund, please refer to the following methods:
1. Visitors who purchase tickets through the official mini program of Today Art Museum, please send the name, phone number and WeChat name reserved when purchasing tickets directly to the official customer service of Today Art Museum (WeChat: TAM_Membership) . We will process a full refund for you in the order in which they received the information.
2. For those who purchase tickets through third-party platforms, we have communicated with each platform to apply. Please contact the platform to handle the refund for you.

【Related Consulting】
If you have any questions about the membership card extension & refund process, please search for the official WeChat (WeChat: TAM_Membership) of Today Art Museum, and our staff will help you as soon as possible.

At the same time, we will also pay close attention to the epidemic viruses situation and relevant information of the Ministry of Health, and the specific opening time will be notified in time according to the instructions of the superior. Please pay attention to the information released by the Today Art Museum's official website, WeChat, Weibo and other major platforms.

For the understanding and support given to us by members and visitors during this epidemic, all the staff of Today Art Museum express their sincere thanks! After the haze of the epidemic dissipates, Today Art Museum will continue its efforts to bring you more high-quality exhibitions in 2020, to share with you the beauty of life and the power of art.

We believe that as long as we are united, we will definitely overcome the epidemic!
We wish you all health and triumph!
Looking forward to seeing you soon!