Strategic Collaborations between ThinkPad and Today Art Museum


 Strategic Collaborations between ThinkPad and Today Art Museum

 On July 29th 2016 in Beijing, ThinkPad declared its decision to foster a year-long strategic collaboration with China’s number one, private, non-profit Chinese art museum. Andy Warhol’s famous quote, “Good business is the best art, “encapsulates the perspectives of both ThinkPad and Today Art Museum. This collaboration with ThinkPad and the artistic resources of Today Art Museum, provide a unique platform for the combination of business and art—a platform that encourages artistic innovation through the fusion of commercial and arts products. In addition to the obvious benefits a collaboration such as this would provide to artists and ThinkPad consumers alike, its value extends much further. Providing a medium through which art and artists can work with and be inspired by technology, not only promotes creative innovation but even new modes of thinking.

Exploring the use of cutting edge technology in the display of contemporary art 

Every strategic collaboration between ThinkPad and Today Art Museum is heavily focused on fostering art and creativity. In years 2015 and 2016, famous artist Zou Cao received worldwide recognition for his utilization of ThinkPad products and software to design a digital arts installation titled “Nonexistence and non-inexistence.” Audiences were able to interact directly with his two pieces titled “Seeing and Pondering Light.” Seeking to promote further artistic innovation, ThinkPad and Today Art Museum partnered in 2015 to design a conceptual arts space titled, “Today Art Museum, Future of Today”. Cutting edge technology and artistic design were used to design this 360 degree virtual gallery space and digital arts network. 

ThinkPad marketing director, Liu Xi Yuan and Today Art Museum Director, Alex Gao jointly expressed, “In regards to ThinkPad, art is not a stranger. ThinkPad 701C, also known as the “butterfly machine, ” has been a long-time collection at the New York Museum of Modern Art. This is a testament to the fact that ThinkPad products can also be artistic products. Many of our products have received arts and industrial design awards. As a private, non-profit arts museum, Today Art Museum has, for many years, tirelessly promoted the advancement and innovation of contemporary art by fusing artistic and technological platforms.”

The partnership between ThinkPad and Today Art Museum is founded on a sense of social responsibility. As an industry leader, ThinkPad advocates continual research and development, and it’s collaboration with Today Art Museum advocates continual exploration of arts and technology, as well as the development of contemporary art. 

Exploring the synthesis of arts and business—Making industry more artistic, and making art more accessible 

In addition to encouraging the innovation of contemporary art, ThinkPad and Today Art Museum are committed to exploring ways of combining commercial industries with the arts. Both ThinkPad and the museum are concerned with the relationship and integration of products, product channels, and customers. For example, ThinkPad utilizes resources provided by Today Art Museum to design computer covers featuring artwork through a private customization service. In terms of product channels, these products are featured in the Today Art Museum store as well as on ThinkPad product purchase sites. ThinkPad’s social media platforms combined with that of Today Art Museum, not only allow ThinkPad customers to be more exposed to the arts, but also provide more exposure to the museum. 

“Art Sailing”—promoting the act of thought

Under this partnership, the project “Art Sailing” was also launched. The idea of “Art Sailing” was first promoted by artist, Joseph Beuys and has been in existence for over 30 years. He was one of the first artists that challenged the conception of art and promoted the idea that “everyone is an artist.” Chris Wainwright, artist and Pro Vice Chancellor of The University of Arts London, ThinkPad artist Zou Cao, and Today Art Museum are continuing in the spirit of Joseph Beuys through the establishment of the “Art Sailing” program—a program in which philosophers, artists, and educators embark on a sailing trip together and seek to use their experiences as a medium to encourage free thinking, artistic discourse, and the exploration of art itself. 

    With the technological support of ThinkPad, those that participated in the “Art Sailing” project will display pieces that they created with the theme, “Be Thinker, What Has To Be Done.” The exhibition will be held at Today Art Museum in January of 2017. ThinkPad and Today Art museum plan to utilize this project to promote the exploration of thought amongst different groups and generations of people, as well as utilize power of art and technology to promote independent thinking. 

Information regarding ThinkPad

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