Another Me - Chen Chengwei Solo Exhibition



  “Another Me” - the solo exhibition of Chen Chengwei opened at 15:00 on 10th October 2015 at the 3rd Floor of Hall 1, Today Art Museum. The exhibition is organized by Today Art Museum and features about 50 works by Chen Chengwei. The representative of young collectors, Mr. Huang Yu and Ms. Chen Yuning, Ms. Li Yi from Rui Xin Art Foundation, Mr. Alex Gao, Director of Today Art Museum, Mr. Chen and a number of important guests were present at the opening ceremony.

今日美术馆馆长 高鹏

  Chen is the most important Chinese contemporary artist on new figurative painting. His works are remarkably unique in character. Chen emphasizes the inheritance and expansion of both Chinese and western humanity classics. He combines Chinese cultural elements perfectly with contemporary concepts. Chen has held more than a hundred exhibitions. His works are collected by important collectors and institutions in the Chinese mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Macau, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, the USA and the UK.


The Opening Ceremony

Chen Chengwei

  Under the theme“Another Me”, the works at the exhibition are set in two series: the "Autobiography" and "the Great Republic of China". The“Autobiography”series are much conceptualized Me-portraits of the artist. With the lighting and color imaging techniques of Rembrandt, these works are a loyal portrayal of the melancholy, lonesome, compassionate and meditating sentiments and subtle dispositions of the artist. They suggest the artist’s observation and sought in continuous Me-interpretation. The “Great Republic of China" series is an artistic and aesthetic presentation of the grand Republic of China era in the mind of the artist. Chen used a very dramatic plot in this series of works. Based on his life’s existence and in retrospect of the past glory,“the Great Republic of China" series offers an interpretation of the cultural complex on the foundation of a grand era. It is also a transcendence of humanities and the thoughts belonging to one certain era.


  Artists and collectors are both re-presenting their own life through art works or collections. The artist has the fortune to be able to travel in time and space and present his or her person at various phases. This is the major motif that guides through Chen Chengwei's art both in his "Autobiography" and "the Great Republic of China" series. When artists are able to catch the concealed thoughts that flash through their minds by Me-portraits, they have truly captured the slight upturn of the mouth, the shy look in the eyelashes or the melancholy of the eyebrows of these "dressed-up men and women of the secular world". This might also be one of the reasons why Chen Chengwei has maintained consistent in the personal images. It is an exercise as well as an inspection. Artists who read the world with their eyes always inspect their inner world by means of painting. Through painting, they embark a courageous adventure in search of their own heart. This is perhaps the moment when the time and the brain finally have some peace and allow the artists to travel in times and spaces and dialogue with the other "Me".


  The exhibition will last until the 21st October 2015.