One Divided into Three - The Exhibition of Three Korean Artists


On the November 8th, One Divided into Three: The Exhibition of Three Korean Artist, which is co-sponsored by Today Art Museum and Korean World News, holds its reception at Today Art Museum Building 3. Thirty three artworks from three significant contemporary Korean artists Paik Nan June, Lee Wal Chong and Kim Hyun Jung are on display in the exhibition. The showcase features three artists from each respective genre and thereby tries to demonstrate the well-preserved ecology of Korean art scene. 

One Divided into Three
Paik Nam June is an internationally recognized contemporary artist from Korean. His video installation enjoys a tremendous influence in international contemporary art world. Paik is regarded a groundbreaking maestro. Lee Wal Chong’s painting is remarkable in its modernistic characteristics. His inspiration comes from experience of life in the Jeju Island, full of childlike candidness and well-contained humor. Kim Hyun Jung is an heir of the Korean painting heritage. She created a neo-classic style incorporating realistic fine techniques with pop art. 

Kim Hyun Jung’s New Style
Used to work as a model and actress, female artist Kim Hyun Jung has created a new painting method called “ssangcheung双层” (painting on double layers). The method of creation is drawn to Xieyi(写意) style on Korean traditional paper with Indian ink and completes painting with realistic depiction on silk pasted over it, which gives us a fresh impression and new beauty. Curator of the exhibition Feng Peng once wrote, “Kim’s work can be considered typically modernistic seen from the perspective of the perception and exploration of the self, but typically post modernistic if seen from the perspective of the perception and exploration of the world. In terms of material and method, however, her work can be seen as gongpil-hwa(工笔画) depending on typical traditional idioms. With this we can understand Kim’s work breaks down the boundaries between tradition, modernism and postmodernism. We may harbor suspicion against this classification, but Kim’s painting heralds the arrival of a new mode.”

Zhang Rui Xi at the Reception
Famous Korean actress Zhang Rui Xi, who is well known by Chinese audience for Korean TV drama Princess of Mermaid, also appears at the reception and opens for interview. Actress Zhang Rui Xi is one of Kim Hyun Jung’s works on display, which depicts the inner-world in a delicate way. Zhang Rui Xi once said in an interview, “When I first saw the portrait that my face slowly appeared softly, I felt inner peace at the moment. I envy Kim Hyun Jung’s artistic talent. I heard that she created this new painting method that combines traditional ink painting and gongpil-hwa(工笔画),  which is the so-called “New gongpil-hwa” in Chinese art world. Kim Hyun Jung’s artworks make me realized the attraction of Korean art. It is my honor to be at the reception of this exhibition.”

Kim Hyun Jung responded, “Due to Zhang Rui Xi’s popularity both in Korean and China, I needed to be particularly careful when I was doing this painting. I was afraid that she might not be satisfied. Fortunately she really likes it. And I am really happy that my work will be used for charity.”