Zhu Zheqin's first sound art exhibition opens successfully in Today Art Museum



On September 15, Zhu Zheqin's "sense of sound" art exhibition began. As a musician with international reputation, Zhu Zheqin has a high standard for his music and everything around him. "sense of sound" is Zhu Zheqin's first sound art exhibition, which is not only a display of her artistic experience for years, but also a brand-new creation. In this cooperation with Today Art Museum, Zhu Zheqin also thought twice and finally decided to present a "building of sound" for the audience. This time, she did not do music, but sound and visual art. As a cross-artist in the fields of music, design, sound and visual art, Zhu Zheqin's "new music" has created a milestone for Chinese music in the international music world. This time, her artistic creation and interaction of sound in the museum scene, as a medium, will also have a profound impact on Contemporary Art and culture.

group-photo of press conference
from left to right: Gao Peng, director of Today Art Museum, Zhu Zheqin, artist, Ye Ying, editor of Art News, Li Zhenhua, curator of this exhibition

Gao Peng, director of Today Art Museum

Zhu Zheqin, artist, beat the drum

Today Art Museum, which invited Zhu Zheqin to hold this exhibition of sound art, hopes to show the diversity of art through various languages and presents the most contemporary and expressive art to the public. Zhu Zheqin's first sound art experiment will bring subversive perceptual experience and comprehensive artistic presentation to the field of contemporary art. This experimental scene will reflect her pioneering spirit once again.

volunteers made sound together
volunteers hit the surface of water to make sound
Zhu Zheqin made sound on-site on her own     
the opening ceremony on-site
audience waiting for entering into museum queued in line