"The Works Argue Against Form" --Diao Qingchun Solo Exhibition


15 December 2013, “The Trace of Years--Diao Qingchun Solo Exhibition” opens on the second floor of building three at Today Art Museum. This exhibition is organized by Today Art Museum and Oriental Art Master. It is co-organized by Beijing Yuanrun Rongtong Investment Co.,Ltd.
  As an oil painter, Diao Qingchun’s work does not convey Chinese traditionalism through a simple collage of connected images. At first glance his compositions appear chaotic, but the artist has infused each canvas with his own perceptions of the natural cosmos--its transient actors existing in an abstract space of his own thought and emotion. His style is best represented in the Fission series, where one finds the world of man has succumb to the chisel of time, becoming dunes of sand as years have washed over. Here, painting has brushed aside the mist to reveal at this moment the deep marks left therein. 
  To expound further on Diao Qingchun, the themes of "fission" and "time" in his works are of mutual influence. In interview he has mentioned, "All that needs to be said about the Fission pieces is plain to see. The works argue against form, akin in spirit to the awesome force of nature. All objects are tiny, and residing within each is an amazing power. My paintings greatly stress this idea. All objects in the world constantly evolve, creating all sorts of "fission," influencing our lives." This solo exhibition presents the audience with Ding Qingchun's philosophy. 
  This exhibition includes representative works from his "Mural series", "Landscape series", and the latest "Abstract series" and "Fission series". In the art of Diao Qingchun, the blackspots of history find portrayal in textures that cover the height and breadth of each canvas.  A sediment has fallen over brightly colored flowers and quiet, open landscapes. In the river of time, these small human tragedies have already become things of memory, reawakened by the paintbrush. The artist has filled every inch of each canvas with the trace of years. His work juxtaposes the heavy burden of history with the lightheartedness of nature. 
This exhibition opens on the 15th of December and will continue until the 25th.