Australia’s Museum of Old and New Art Team Visits Today Art Museum


September 2nd, Representatives from Australia’s Museum of Old and New Art  (MONA) traveled together to visit Today Art Museum. Both museums’ teams participated in a discussion of several topics, including the operational strategies of running a museum, attaining sponsorship, building relationships, and planning exhibitions. Today Art Museum’s Executive Director, Gao Peng, and the representatives from MONA discussed the possibility of collaboration in the future. 

MONA team comes to communicate and collaborate with the Today Art Museum team 

Today Art Museum’s Executive Director Gao Peng welcomes the guests

MONA’s Senior Curator speaks with Today Art Museum’s Deputy Director Gao Yi

       MONA’s Creative Director, Leigh Carmichael with MONA’s Project Manager Kate Gould

Founder of Creative Asia, Hannah Skrzynski and  MONA’s Senior Curator Nicole Durling 

MONA’s Senior Curator Olivier Varenne 

Hannah Skrzynski   takes a look around the exhibition

MONA’s team visits the Today Art Museum

Museum of Old and New (MONA) was established in 2011 in Hobart, Australia. Breaking the rules of the traditional modern art space, it boldly challenges and amuses visitors.  MONA’s practice and style initiated enthusiastic discussion within the industry; it is recognized as Australia’s top brand of modern art.  September 2nd, representatives that came to visit Today Art Museum included: Leigh Carmichael (Creative Director), Kate Gould (Project Manager), Hannah Skrzynski (Creative Asia Founder), Olivier Varenne (Senior Curator), Nicole Durling (Senior Curator).