The Awarding Ceremony of “Amassing Force: 2017 Wang Shikuo Award and TAM Exhibition of Nominated Chinese Contemporary Artists”


The “Amassing Force: 2017 Wang Shikuo Award and TAM Exhibition of Nominated Chinese Contemporary Artists” held jointly by Wang Shikuo Foundation and Today Art Museum ended with an awarding ceremony on the afternoon of June 24th, 2017 at TAM. Gao Peng, Yang Dayong, Huang Du, Tan Ping, Wang Guangyi, Zhang Gan and Wu Hongliang was specially invited as members of the art jury to ensure that the selection was reasonable in technicality. All of members, selected artists and the passionate audiences was present on the ceremony. Gao Peng, director of TAM and Yang Dayong, director of Wang Shikuo Foundation and CEO of SinoCredit Corporation made a speech separately, introducing the uniqueness of the ceremony and representing their sublime wishes.

The selected artists Cong Ming, Ge Pingwei, Geng Xue, Meng Boshen, Ren Yuan, Ren Han, Tan Xun, Wu Ziyang, Ying Xinxun, Zheng Jiang, Zhang Wenrong and Yu Ying respectively stepped on the stage to share their experience, creation ideas and inspiration of the recent decade. Their speeches created much sympathetic response with the audiences with different telling styles, some are fantastic, some are truly emotional. Ren Yuan especially had an impressive live show to please the people attended. Tian Xiaolei, the winner of Wang Shikuo Award in 2016 was also presenting to share his story and feeling with the winning experience. 

The next segment is awarding presentation. Huang Du, an international curator and critic, Tan Ping, vice prudent of Chinese Academy of Art, Wang Guangyi, an artist and Zhanggan, vice dean of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Wu Hongliang, vice president of Beijing Fine Art Academy issued the awarding certificates for the dozen selected artiest. More than 200 guests and audiences voted in the “Award of Art Story” which impressed them most after listening the stories shared by the artists, and finally, the artist Cong Ming got the prize with the poll of Tan Ping and received the prize from president Gao Peng. The Wang Shikuo Award this year specially set up the segment of public selection for attracting more to get involved. Each may vote for his/her own favorite artist via online and offline. It turned out that the artist Ren Yuan got the maximum poll and received the “Most Favored Artist” prize from Mr. Yang Dayong. The “Monolith Award” belonged to the artist Ren Han and Wang Qun, founding director and secretary-general of Wang Shikuo Foundation was responsible for issuing the prize. The final and most valuable award “The Artists” was won by XXX, who got the cup and bonus of RMB100,000 from Yang Dayong, Gao Peng and Wang Qun. 

As all awards announced, the awarding ceremony came to a satisfactory end. In 2016, the Wang Shikuo Foundation and Today Art Museum jointly held the “Amassing Force: 2017 Wang Shikuo Award and TAM Exhibition of Nominated Chinese Contemporary Artists” upholding an common target to carrying forward the spirit of Mr. Wang Shikuo, the distinguished artist and educationist, in an attempt to encourage young artists to commit themselves to the creation of art and call out more to pay close attention and support for art. This has been the second year since the founding of Wang Shikuo Award and all of organizers would stay their original will and make more commitment in the next event.

The Artist :Meng Baishen
Most Favored Artist: Ren Yuan
Award of Art Story:Cong Ming
Monolith Award:Ren Han