Opening of Joan Lebold Cohen's moment in China


Beijing Today Art Museum is pleased to announce the opening ceremony of Joan Lebold Cohen’s Moment in China archive exhibition. The ceremony started at 6:00pm on April 29th, 2017 at Today Art Museum’s No.1 Exhibition Hall. Joan Lebold Cohen is an American photographer, art historian, Chinese art curator and cinema specialist. Starting from the early 1980s, she has been devoted to promoting Chinese modern art to the west. Having witnessed all significant changes and events in China and China’s art world after the Cultural Revolution on the spot, she is the first one who reported the activities and creations of Chinese artists from an insightful perspective. The ceremony praised Mrs. Cohen’s contribution to China, and also showed the respect and appreciation to our close friend who has always been concerning about Chinese art.
The research work of Mrs. Cohen’s archive is conducted by Chinese Modern Art Archive (CMAA) of Peking University and Mr. Kong Chang’an together. The aim of this exhibition is to bring back and enrich the materials about early modern art in China, so as to trace back the history of that period more clearly and have a better reflection on it. The exhibition is organized by CMAA and Today Art Museum, co-organized by Wu Zuoren International Foundation of Fine Arts, Dafei Arts Foundation and Asia Art Archive (AAA), with Kong Chang’an being the curator and LaoZhu, professor of PKU and Zhang Yufang from Dafei Art Foundation as the academic advisors. As one of the annual academic exhibition of Today Art Museum, this archive exhibition will last two weeks until May 14th.