World Picture: Xu Bing Dragonfly Eyes

Opening time:2019-8-18
Duration: 2019.08.18 -- 2019.10.24
Location: 2nd and 3rd floor, Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

As the third part of “The World Picture: Xu Bing’s Dragonfly Eyes”, the “Keywords” Exhibition Area attempts to establish a multi-dimensional hybrid integrating art research and visual display. The conceptual interpretation, literature description and exhibition of works of art contained in the nine “keywords” allow viewers to have a general understanding of the creative thinking and thematic issues behind Dragonfly Eyes. At the same time, the viewers can have a deep understanding of Xu Bing’s working methods in his past art practice integrating social context and artistic creation.

The nine “keywords” of “World Picture” can be generally divided into three categories and sources. Firstly, original concepts in Xu Bing’s artistic career; secondly, issues and theoretical viewpoints that appear frequently in the numerous reviews on Dragonfly Eyes; thirdly, specific concepts and methods in the production process of Dragonfly Eyes. These three types of “keywords” are interrelated to each other. Meanwhile, the exhibition also includes some of the key concepts and signature works from Xu Bing’s past artistic development, comparing them with his latest work Dragonfly Eyes to discuss its artistic proposition and formal experiment. This will help the audience to grasp the essence and inner logics of Xu Bing’s work and form a comprehensive understanding. 


Gao Peng,Dong Bingfeng


Xu Bing