2018 Finding Friends “Logos”

Opening time:3pm, Apr.15, 2018
Duration: 2018.04.15 -- 2018.06.24

Exhibition Preface

“Logos”, the second phase of the“Finding Friends-Discover Young Contemporary Artists” project jointly launched byToday Art Museum andMuyun Culture and Arts Foundation, is expected to kick off at Today Art Museum.This phase of the project in 2018 invites three young artists, namely Li Jun, Li Yuansu and Song Mengmeng. They create their works based on the public art showcase space of Today Art Museaum. They integrate their ideas with space and express their artistic thoughts by virtue of media and forms.


2,500 years ago, ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus introduced “Logos” intophilosophy as a hidden wisdom.He took it as some kind of subtle dimension andcriterion for to measuring the changes of everything in the world.It demonstrated the desire ofthe ancients to pursue universal truth and try to find the universal value behind things.It still exerts it influence today. After the emergency ofexistentialism in the 20th century, this kind of logical way of thinking has turnedintotheresistance to identity, essentialism, and universalism. It emphasizes individual freedom and creativity.Artistically, it’s expressedas artist's exploration ofthe source ofartistic images in individual consciousness.


At the same time, Boyce introduced themystic “anthroposophy” into art, which has enriched the theme of art and the connotation of media and weakened theboundary among art, individual and the society.A dependence on external experiences has gradually become the social expression of personal experiences and practices.Today, in the intensifying industrialization process, this kind of expression has become increasingly“visualized” and has firmly bound us in this“society of spectacle”.The subsequentexchangebetween subject and object and thedeconstruction of images have made us fall deep into thecontemplation of art.While appreciating a work of art, we try to ask about the cares and inspirations once brought to us by art.


 “Finding Friends: Discover Young Contemporary Artists” Project Team of Today ArtMuseum


Alex Gao,Wu Hongliang


Li Jun,Li Yuansu,Song Mengmeng