Flat and Distant—China and Slovenia Contemporary Art Exhibition

Opening time:3:30pm,10 Sep. 2016
Duration: 2016.09.10 -- 2016.10.09
Location: 3 floor exhibition hall of building 1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Globalization has eliminated the discrepancies in the world. As Thomas L. Friedman once said “the world is flat”. Yet, there are huge historical and cultural differences behind the flat world. In the fast-developing process of globalization, these historical and cultural differences have faded as a distant landscape. The feature of culture image in the globalization times is same in form but different in essence. It seems it has reversed Carl Gustav Jung’s relation of consciousness to collective unconsciousness. Similar collective unconsciousness floats up from the bottom, while different consciousness sinks down to the bottom from top. It is totally different from the beauty Johan Joachin Winckelmann saw in Greek sculptures. The beauty of Greek sculptures is like an ocean, no matter how roaring the wares are at the surface, the deep inside has always stayed quiet. As part of the globalization culture, contemporary art in China has no significant difference with the rest of the world. However, this is only superficial phenomena.If we go deeper into them, we would see huge differences through the similar surface. Contemporary Art in China has always lead us back to the distant history. It compresses the dense cultural connotation under the plain appearance. It makes a distant echo on the impact of reality and tradition. The world of Chinese contemporary art is also flat. But behind the flat appearance is a distant and endless memory.   


Peng Feng,Breda Kolar Sluga


Shang Yang,Tan Ping,Zhang fangbai,Feng Fang,Uršula Berlot,Samuel Grajfoner,Marjan Gumilar,Zmago Lenárdič