Art Project 24: Naissance

Opening time:3:00pm,Jan.24, 2015
Duration: 2015.01.24 -- 2015.03.15
Location: 2nd floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

The Round 1 "Naissance Art" belongs to the Project 24, a complex exhibition project born in the current chaos and contradictions of contemporary art phenomena. The number 24 is regarded by Chinese people as being both multiple and consummate. This is also the major direction of the Project 24: both for multiple perspective reform and a consummate artistic spirit. Project 24 brings new blood of future possibilities into the art sector and gives it new force to bring about artistic innovation from new perspectives.

Starting with "Naissance", the exhibition will appear with a totally new artistic outlook before the public. It will be the accelerator for the new generation of blood. The dimensions of the art works will break all the established exhibition orders. Diversity and innovation are its main body. It is diversified, verbal, social. It has a sense of temperature and energy. It can be even physical, vocal or in written form. The choice of artists blurs the border of ages. Independent individual projects are possible as exhibition within the exhibition. The artists may submit their own proposals and a careful selection of these proposals will be presented to the public. The exhibition is thus more unexpected and diversified. "Naissance" is also the blood forming organ for the new generation of driving power. As a new type of people in the new generation, what we can do is to start with ourselves and explore any possibilities around us and that we can lay our hands on. And then to elevate them into the fundamental creative power of art. We will create new art from a new starting point and in new paces.


Zhang Honglei


Bai Yiluo, Chen Chenchen, Dieter Detzner, FAKE Studio, Liu Wentao, Lu Zhengyuan, Meng Boshen, Ren Han, Shang Chengxiang, Shi Zheng, Wang Xian, Wu Daxin, Wu Juehui + UFO, Wu Shengzhi, aaajiao, Xu Liang, Yang Ming, Zhang Yexing, Zhang Xiaodi