CYJO | Mixed Blood

Opening time:May 31st, 4:00PM
Duration: 2014.05.30 -- 2014.06.18
Location: 4th floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Mixed Blood is a group of photographs and texts created by CYJO between 2010 and 2013.  It portrays families with children of “mixed” races, ethnicities, and cultures in Beijing and New York City. 
CYJO’s photographs and narratives compel us to consider the distance our societies have traveled in our understanding of race, ethnicity and identity, as well as the distance we have yet to close, in our journey toward a more unified culture.  
Mixed Blood makes us consider what might happen as more and more people gain the freedom to choose who to love, where to live, how to raise their children, and how to define their identity in ways inconceivable in the past.  
By documenting the current state of this evolution in two major international cities, CYJO’s work makes us question whether we may yet reach a point where our sense of integration, of community, of connectedness reaches even farther than the sense of a melting pot neighborhood or nation, to a radical new sense of the familyand the individual as the point where race and culture and a host of other influences can combine in transformative new ways.
- Nik Apostolides


Nik Apostolides