Wonderland: Ana Tzarev solo exhibition

Opening time:4pm,Jan 18, 2014
Duration: 2014.01.19 -- 2014.02.25
Location: 2nd and 3rd floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum
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Exhibition Preface

 “Infinite Intelligence has created a Wonderland filled with movement, sounds, light, and colors; it has given us the stars for the night sky and flowers for the day – it’s our world!”——Ana Tzarev

With a selection of 58 vivid paintings and 10 sculptures, international artist Ana Tzarev transforms Beijing’s Today Art Museum into Wonderland, a larger-than-life garden of art.

Inspired by Tzarev’s lifelong fascination and deep respect for the natural world, Wonderland brings the artist’s remarkable relationship with flora to the forefront. The works show scenes of universal beauty through an artist’s lens: brilliant butterflies rise from sprays of blooms, lilies scatter across serene ponds, and individual flowers extend across entire canvases in dramatic portraits. The scale and breadth of the work that bears the exhibit’s title, Wonderland, highlights Tzarev’s signature rich surface texture as cranes take flight across seven canvases. Like her flowers, this stunning work invites viewers to step into the serenity of nature captured by her brush.
Wonderland features several of the artist’s renowned Love sculptures, including two 4.5-meter fiberglass flowers and six small-scale bronze works shown as part of the artist’s global arts initiative, the Love & Peace Campaign. This exhibition will mark the debut of Tzarev’s latest flower sculptures, two immense water lilies from her new Peace series. 

Challenging traditional notions of gallery exhibition, Wonderland delves into the capabilities of the modern museum: an HD video animates Tzarev’s paintings, bringing her creations to life and offering visitors the chance to experience the artist’s vision for themselves. Wonderland is an intersection of nature and technology, of reality and fantasy—an immersive and intimate art experience like no other.

Described as a “dynamic and visionary painter” by art critic Edward Lucie-Smith, Ana Tzarev’s works engage viewers with their intricate textural surfaces and vibrant colours. Her “sculpted” paint surfaces rise off of large canvases and into the vierwer’s space, involving them in Tzarev’s distinctive visual language.

Tzarev’s paintings have been featured in galleries, museums, and public spaces across Europe and Asia, including the Saatchi Gallery in London, the National Museum in Rome, and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Her sculptures have beeninstalled in ten cities, including London, Singapore, New York, and Venice during the 55th Biennale. This exhibition at the Today Art Museum in Beijing marks Ana Tzarev’s largest solo exhibition to date and features her newest paintings and sculptures created especially for this extraordinary exhibition.


Peng Feng


Ana Tzarev