The Boat of 2012 – "Aussina Cup" Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art Academies

Opening time:July 13-19, 2012
Duration: 2012.07.13 -- 2012.08.29
Location: 3rd floor, exhibition hall of Building 1; 1st floor, exhibition hall of Building 2; 1st and 2nd floor, exhibition hall of Building 3, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Saying that the earth will be destroyed in 2012 is pure nonsense to the wise men. But it is also a prediction: 2012 is a significant turning point in human history which is confronted with the simultaneous eruption of various sources of pressures ever since our civilization comes into being. 2012 thus becomes a concept of changing earth. It has started to lay influence on us before 2012 and the influence will linger on after 2012.

2012 is an open subject in the eyes of artists. The tale of Noah’s Ark is an excellent point of penetration. Whether 2012 represents destruction or rebirth, it can be regarded as a ferry in time, bringing us from This Shore to The Other Shore.

Welcome boarding the Ark of 2012, the 7th nomination exhibition. We will deconstruct the past & reality with pioneering artists in cabin of This Shore; while fancying the future time & space with young artists in cabin of The Other Shore. 

We hope that you will debut from This Shore on Ark of 2012 together with personalities within or outside of art field who have been keeping their eyes on nomination exhibition in a long run. We will strive to discover new sea horizon for young artists & to experience the date line of Chinese art. We will land on The Other Shore together to expect the emerging talents of art to break the existing horizon to release their full artistic potentials.