The shining moment—Solo exhibition of Zhannian

Opening time:
Duration: 2006.12.16 -- 2006.12.22
Location: Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

From the Opium War in 1840 to the foundation of PRC in 1949, our nation had been in disaster for more than one hundred years. After then, we went through a bunch of activities such as Great Leap Forward (1950-1959), People’s Commune and so on. In a word , in the past 50 years since the new birth of our country, a great many things have changed in our lives.

Those of my artworks were inspired by the memory of my father, who was died in 1996 when I was even younger than 2 years old. Among all his photos which impressed me most are those reflected my father’s life in army, and that’s why I chose the event that P.L.A. occupied Nanjing to feature the efforts they made to liberate our people. Besides, the films that I’ve saw in my childhood. Most of them are about the great history of that times also effected my paintings.

   So, this exhibition focus on spirit that not only have been urging our country to achieve great successes in the past, but also will have a great impact on our future. In my opinion ,these paintings are just the miniature of the history about that time ,and what I’d like to do is think back to the history while look forward to our future .

   I’m glad to use this opportunity to give my thanks to several critics who give me great support. They are Wang Lin , Zhou Yuejin, Wang Anmin , Yang Wei , Zheng Weimin and Miss Gu Weijie from today Art Museum .

Zhang Nian 
June , 2006.



Zhang nian