Opening time:
Duration: 2019.10.15 -- 2019.11.03
Location: Exhibition Hall of Building No.3

Exhibition Preface

This is an exhibition of work by more than 100 artists and designers from over 20 countries, and from 30 different art and design institutions including Yale, RISD, SVA (USA); RCA, CSM, LCC, UCA (UK); and schools in Belgium, Canada, France, 
Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. These emerging talents are full of creativity yet not restricted to commercial shackles that they have made valuable explorations and attempts in their respective fields. 

With over 200 examples of work on display, the exhibition showcases the most cutting-edge techniques and inspirations in over 30 disciplines including Animation, Architecture, Fashion, Filmmaking, Fine Art, Game Design, Graphic Design, 
Industrial Design, Interactive Design, Illustration, Interior Design and Photography, as well as the most innovative art experiments in new and rising disciplines. 


Adrian Shaughnessy,Regular Practice