Opening time:March 30,2019
Duration: 2019.03.30 -- 2019.06.30
Location: Beijing Today Art Museum, Building No.2

Exhibition Preface

Focused on the theme of travel, this exhibition reviews the past 40 years of China through ten artists’ traveling stories. It is the first time to have Andy Warhol, pioneer of Pop Art Movement, and Jean-Michel Jarre, the father of French electronic music, to be shown together, reconstructing their legendary journeys in early 1980s in China. At the same time, eight artists including Quentin Shih, Colin Chinnery, Qiu Anxiong and Lei Lei will capture social changes in China with various media such as photography, animation and sound installations. Andy Warhol’s last film, Andy Warhol: Made in China, will also be first screened in mainland China. 
Since the 20th century, the rapid development of transportation and communication technology has made tourism an essential way of mass entertainment. Tourism not only defines a fashionable1 lifestyle but also brought cross-cultural encounters, leading to brand new imagination of modern life. The exhibition is divided into four chapters: “Journey to the East”, “Memoir”, “Elapsed Dreams” and “Destination”. Through the tantalizing clues wandering between reality and imagination, the past and the future, the exhibition will lead the audience into a journey across time and space. 


Zou Xinyi


Andy Warhol,Christopher Makos,Jean-Michel Jarre,Quentin Shih,Colin Chinnery,Thomas Sauvin,Lei Lei,Chen Ke,Amalia Ulman,Qiu Anxiong,Ye Yushan