Nana Power

Opening time:2019.3.20
Duration: 2019.03.20 -- 2019.03.28
Location: 4F Exhibition Hall of Building No.1

Exhibition Preface

"Nana power" is a special exhibition project for "Finding Friends in 2019 – Discovering Contemporary Young Artists", and is also the continuation for the annual art exhibition, "Niki de Saint Phalle - 20th Century Legendary Female Artist and Her Garden" launched by the Today Art Museum in 2019. We refine and transform the main artistic spirit and proposition of the artist Niki de Saint Phalle, and divide the exhibition into seven themes according to the different stages of Niki's entire artistic career: Public Art, Hon, Shooting, California Diary, Bride, Nana, Movie. According to each theme, the contemporary female artists and cross-border creators are invited to echo the relevant artistic stages of Niki de Saint Phalle, and to discuss the relationship between female identity and artistic creation. Additionally, a number of international art, life, fashion media and editors as well as star creators are invited to support the exhibition, encouraging more persons to turn their true feelings into the driving force of artistic creation, trying to transform the focus from the identity of women to the exploration of the consciousness and creativity of art itself. Nana power is the transformation and sublimation of Niki's life energy, which makes every art viewer get happiness, encouragement and courage. We hope that the current interpretation and development of Nana power by the artist can be better understood by the public through this exhibition.