Li Geng & Shuang Ning Art Exhibition

Opening time:March 19 at 15:00 p.m
Duration: 2019.03.19 -- 2019.03.27
Location: Floor 2-3, hall 1, today art museum

Exhibition Preface

 Mirror--Double exhibition of Li Geng and Shuangning is a combination of ink and abstract, classical and contemporary poetry.

         Li geng is a scholarly artist with romantic sentiments. His profound artistic accomplishment has enabled him to navigate in ink painting, dare to explore and constantly seek truth. His mother Zou Peizhu engaged in Western sculpture art, and his father Li Keran engaged in traditional Chinese painting. His paintings not only inherited the spirit of Chinese literati, but also fill the Confucian literati style and absorb the connotation of Western sculpture art. Li Geng explores the relationship between music and painting, and he also explores new painting language tirelessly. His works "Mahler Symphony • ink space series" is exhibited to interpret the grand classical symphony through traditional ink painting. In Li Geng's opinion, the tune and rhythm of music, just like the tone and brush strokes of painting. Painting makes music into a picture of imagination.

         Shuangning focuses more on contemporary calligraphy and painting. His artistic style turns the unconstrained cursive script with great circle and the abundant strength of brushwork. His artworks achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, which is based on the traditional Chinese ink. It hands over natural imagery, germination characters of the spirit, the vertical and horizontal row Ta, diffused nature, breath well up.Furthermore, on this basis and with the concept of modern western abstract art, the inner emotions through the line of agitation and elaborate color direct vent on paper; instead of simply using the image of the body, to create a "Chinese abstract art" suitable for the appreciation of the Chinese character cultural field. Today's painting field as "T abstract"(T as Shuangning’s surname "Tang" in Chinese pinyin initials). In this exhibition, the works of "Mirror series" is his latest work. The title of his works named "Tao can be Tao, extraordinary Tao" in Tao Te Ching. Shuangning also created a huge scroll about 30 meters long specially for this exhibition, which can be called the unique work of abstract ink painting.

         On the one hand, contemporary ink painting emphasizes the reconstruction of the relationship with tradition; in order to solve the problem of identity in the context of globalization. And on the other hand, it emphasizes the expression of ideas and concerns about the state of human existence. Therefore, in this exhibition, Today art museum invites these two artists, Li Geng and Shuangning to present contemporary ink painting from different perspectives.


Alex Gao


Li Geng & Shuang Ning