2018 Today Art Museum Public Art Education for Children Exhibition

Opening time:2019.2.23-14:00
Duration: 2019.02.23 -- 2019.03.02
Location: No.3 Building, Today Art Museum / 32 Baiziwan Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Exhibition Preface

“Art is the most important tool to really drive people's sensitivity, imagination and creativity.”----Charles de Gaulle

Beauty is the core competitive power in the future and it is an aim of public education of the art museum to cultivate the cognition of beauty and attitude to life. 

“KIDS POWER” reveals the appearance of the world in the eyes of juveniles through the artistic works made by children. Our teachers are experts in process instead of experts in contents. With dialogue as the basis and children as the core, the subject content can be practiced. The children explain through artistic works how relevant experience is connected to the various aspects of life. Under the unique living environment of every individual child, how do they view, experience and interact with the world. We will not dodge criticalness; instead we stress creative thinking, encourage cooperative study, cultivate the ability for problem settlement and build up the unique cognition of every child over art. 

The exhibition shows totally 136 pieces of works created by more than 300 children in the ages from 4 to 18, involving several subjects such as the history of art, science and technology, social group and urbanization process. The tridimensional perceptions of world and the value concepts of the children are presented through the easel paintings, artistic installations, cartons and photography, with the mix of several artistic expression methods and combination of static and dynamic artistic expressions. 

Our human beings never stop the pursuit of beauty, especially juveniles. They need to establish value, percipient, characteristic pursuit and authenticity exploration of beauty. In this exhibition, we discover the dialogue between the children and beauty through the artistic works and see the brilliance and strong power in the thoughts of the children.