2018 Finding Friends “Rifugio”

Opening time:2018.06.30
Duration: 2018.06.30 -- 2018.09.10
Location: Art Window of Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Since 2013, “Finding Friends - Discovering Contemporary Young Artists" project has been initiated by Dr. Gao Peng, curator of Today Art Museum, and Mr. Wu Hongliang, deputy dean of Beijing Fine Art Academy and curator of Art Museum of Beijing Fine Art Academy. The project aims to establish a wide range of contacts among young artists by recommending each other, and they participate in the construction of the young contemporary art together. "2018 Finding Friends ‘Refugio’" discusses the relationship between public space and the individual in the urban environment as well as the exploration of technology, art and practices of construction by architects.



Li Yunqing,Liu Xuan,Mu Yiran