Hao Tiaoran Art Works

Opening time:2017.10.31 20:00
Duration: 2017.10.31 -- 2017.11.06
Location: Exhibition Hall of Building No.3

Exhibition Preface

Hao Tairan Art Show organized by Today Art Museum turned game scenes into art and showcased the thinking and perspective of a post-90s artist. Qu Zhijie, a famous curator and also President of the School of Experimental Art, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) spoke highly of this art show and called it an artistic connection between virtuality and reality.


Hao Tairan was born in Beijing 1998. He is now a student of the International Foundation Course, CAFA (CAFAIFC). For being so enthusiastic about art, he used to take a year of school and devote himself to artistic creation. This art show is mainly divided into three series. First, it’s the World Fusion Series with an online game as the background. These series of works integrate Internet celebrities and sports and entertainment stars into the game world, mixing various virtual and realistic elements. Second, its the Virtual Time Cover Series with TIME, a western mainstream magazine as the object for deconstruction. He created some characters of virtual games for these series of works to demonstrate that all contributors to the society, including heroes of the virtual world are qualified to appear on the cover of the TIME. Third, its the Ceramics-Irregular Form Series. Featured by an asymmetrical thinking of the game world, these series of works showcase the application of personally-made ceramics and 3D printing technology in artistic creation.


Qiu Zhijie and Deputy Curator Guo Xiaoyan of Minsheng Art Museum, etc. believe that this is the growth and thinking of a generation of young people. Hao Tairan has demonstrated his creativity and continuous reflections through art. He has shifted his mind back to the reality and to China, which is rare among young people of his age.


Qiu Zhijie


Hao Tairan