TODAY WALL POWER-The 3rd Edition of Wallpost Artist Exhibition

Opening time:2018.1.18 15:00
Duration: 2018.01.18 -- 2018.03.11
Location: Exhibition Hall of Building No.2

Exhibition Preface

“Wallpost Artist”is a public welfare art project dedicated to promote young artists launched by Wallart, and there are hundreds of young artists participate in the project each year.

Since 2016, with the corporation of Today Art Museum, “Wallpost Artist” launched the annual exhibition “Today•Wall Power: Wallpost Artist Exhibition”, committed to unite the professional art institutions and scholars to establish benchmark for the young Chinese artists in order to provide opportunities in promoting, exhibiting and funding for outstanding young artists. And this year, we are glad to have support from Muiyun Culture and Art Foundation.

Exhibition theme "Today•Wall Power", is not only about today's most vivid, cutting-edge contemporary art, but the force which gathers strength for enhancing a solid art “wall” in the future. Through three year’s summary and reflection, we presented problems that young artists have. At the same time, our organization encourages artists to present the diverse, innovative, and experimental part in their creations. It is gratified to note that many young artists' works focus on more profound themes, such as the discussion of life, society, and practical issues, with independent and mature artistic language. In this case, constructing the value standard, encouraging experiments and innovations of young contemporary art creation have become an increasingly important responsibility of this exhibition. 

35 extraordinary artists were selected from total 103 nominated artists to participate in this exhibition. The collection contains diverse fields including conceptual art, multimedia art, installation art, video art, performance art, on-shelf art, and alternative dimensions such as new media, time identity and artistic ontology.

We also hope to invite more professional arts organizations and public welfare donation agencies to pay attention to such an exhibition and awards in order to provide a better platform for the growth and development of young artists. 

Co-curators: Yan Yan / Yuxuan Li


Yanyan Li Yuxuan


An Desheng, Bai Lei, Cai Chenlin, Cao Yuxi, Chen Haishu, Fu Meijun, Guo Ruiwen, He Hua, Huang Wei, Jiang Bo, Li Jun, Li Qing, Liu Peijian, Liu Shuyan, Liu Yazhuo, Miao Ying, Ouyang Sulong, Sun Jianxing, Sha Lina, Song Mengmeng, Tan Danwu, Tan Yingjie, Tian Ya, Tong Kunniao, Wei Guangbin, Yi Lian, You Piao, Yuan Xutong, Zhang Hongyu, Zhang Muchen, Zhang Yifei, Zhang Youkui, Zheng Zicheng, Zhu Peiho