Amassing Force:2017 Wang Shikuo Award: Today Art Museum Exhibition of Nominated Contemporary Artists

Opening time:2017.5.21
Duration: 2017.05.21 -- 2017.07.02
Location: 3/F and 4/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

Today Art Museum has jointly launched "a Stronger Note of the Times: 2017 Wang Shikuo Award and Nomination Exhibition of Today's Contemporary Chinese Artists" with Wang Shikuo Art Foundation. In the spiritual inspiration of the great master Wang Shikuo, the project aims at boosting Chinese art and tap the most promising young artists. The 12 outstanding artists of the finalists incorporate art into their life. Their experiences and artistic spirits inspire them to explore the possibilities of art from the aspects of materials, contents, forms, genres and artistic concepts, and express their individual cognition and reflection of the self as well as feelings and attitudes towards the society.
With the tempering of time, their individual art stories and spirits become gradually mature. Their arts are more and more tenacious and perseverant. Some of these artists concentrate on the physical characters of the materials and explore the conversational relationship between physical characters and the audience in architectural spaces; some artists address the relationship between individuals and the society. Their works depict the many plights of human beings. They apply absurd, deliberately crude or bizarre visual and animation methods to portray the inner world of people and the relationship and reflection on society and the people; some artists return to the practice and the painting itself to express their awe and respect for painting art, or rather for artistic creation, through practicing of the principles. Wang Shikuo Award seeks to showcase the diversity of art types and the growth stories of the artists from multi-dimensional and different perspectives, to introduce outstanding artists and their works to the public, to present art's involvement in the present society and demonstrate the unremitting perseverance of the artists.


Alex Gao


Ge Pingwei,Geng Xue,Meng Baishen,Ren Yuan,Ren Han,Tan Xun,Wu Ziyang,Ying Xinxun,Zheng Jiang,Zhang Wenrong,Cong Ming,Yu Ying