Searching and nature——Gu Zong Painting Exhibition

Opening time:16:30 2 April
Duration: 2017.03.30 -- 2017.04.11
Location: 2/F Exhibition Hall of Building No.3

Exhibition Preface

Gu Zong, born in December 1958 in Nanjing, professor of the School of Art and Communication, Beijing Normal University.


Perception of Art

Painting from nature firstly helps us understand human’s mode of existence; secondly it takes down the relationship between mentality and the natural environment----as we grow elder and gain more experience, we’re able to get deeper understanding of the world in front of us; thirdly, painters master natural laws and further prevent stereotypes and homogeneity through painting practice, which will benefit artistic creation. Admittedly, we also need to bring  pantings back to the workshop, to integrate and conclude periodical thinking and life status. This is a constantly repeated process.


I am passionate about realistic oil painting, through which I represent the reality.



Gu Zong