“The Last Village ”– Bo Lin’s Art

Opening time:21 May, 2016, 15:00
Duration: 2016.05.21 -- 2016.06.07
Location: 2/F,Building No.2

Exhibition Preface

There will be four featured themes at “The Last Village” – Bo Lin’s Private Exhibition, and they are: Bo Lin’s water-ink portraits, Dai Xiaobing’s documentary photography, a stand-alone image and video exhibition featuring Majiagou, Kuaining county, and a display of the literature from demographic researches of the villages in Kuaining county.

In his water-ink portraits, Bo Lin utilizes the dissolution and shrinking of the solid ink to depict the facial outlines of his subjects with a straightforward touch, and create the changes of muscles and winkles on their faces. With this unique technique, he showcases the weary faces of famers from the northwestern China as well as their personalities. Seeing their faces is like being exposed one by one to each deprived life. With the help of photographs capturing the minutiae, documentary images explaining the status of the villages and research reports on the demographic statistics of the villages in the last decade, the links between the techniques Bo Lin uses in his portraits, the themes he chooses and the geographic environment were represented. His works display a historical fact that the rural life in northwestern China is declining and disappearing.


Wang Lin


Bo Lin,Xiaobing Dai