Muse Dong - Zhalong

Opening time:15:30pm,November 24, 2012
Duration: 2012.11.25 -- 2012.12.04
Location: 2nd floor exhibition hall of Building No.1, Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

I have been trying to experiment the expression of covering dye and splashing color since 2001 I studied in Material and Performance postgraduate class in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. During my experiment, the refreshing lightness in Chinese traditional image forms gave me great inspiration. I re-expressed the new finding after I combined the eastern material with the western material techniques together. First I dye the painting layer after layer then I splash the color again, the whole painting releases the different brilliant light, and accesses to a more pure, fresh, beautiful and lively effect. The sky clouds by splashing color looks like optionally, actually carefully operating, which makes the whole picture appear more Spirit-resonance and show more powerfully.
Splashing ink or splashing color is an ancient way of ink painting in China. Tang Chao Ming Hua Lu had recorded Wang Qia who splashed ink in paper, then he used his feet and hands daubing the ink, which formed stone, cloud and water, just like an inspired passage, you can not see the ink pollution from overlooking. Then had the Mi Fu’s “cloud and mountain of Mi Fu and his son”. And Liang Kai’s splashing ink painting,especially his immortal splashing ink painting. Jie Zhou Xue Hua Bian by Sheng Chongqian in Qing Dynasty says ink that is splashing ink, different forms use different quantity ink, the key is that splashing shows the spirit of painting. Later splashing ink means splashing ink to create painting, but the painting grasps the spirit vividly, sometimes using color to splashing.
I use color clouds by splashing ink way to show my hometown Zhalong where I lived when I was a child. Zhalong is located with reed swamp, downstream of Wuyuer River in Heilongjiang Province. Each year there are tens of thousands birds staying here, resting and multiplying, where is one of the most abundant kinds and quantities of cranes in China even in the word. The magnificent landscape of Zhalong wetland is called one of the most beautiful wetland in Chinese six landscapes by China National Geographic. In summer, there are blue sky, white clouds and red sun, the green reeds swaying in the wind, vast and might, directly to the sky. Pieces of water bulb just like light mirror scatter over the surface of river, which likes a jade world. There are yellow flowers filled with water while rare birds flying cross the sky. In winter, snow covers the earth, the whole world shows peace and quiet. The red sun shines the beautiful crane dance, just like a piece of roll painting.


Lisa Ann Patterson


Dong Chunfeng