A Celebration of Art - Tao's Art Pascal Tao Performance of Color ·Individual Showing of the Abstractness of Color

Opening time:3pm, November 17, 2012
Duration: 2012.11.18 -- 2012.11.25
Location: Pingod community, No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Exhibition Preface

Pascal Tao is a brave explorer who not only retains the aestheticism of fine art, but also pushes art into the new and modern.

 He started his journey from expressionism, and drew strength from Impressionism.  However, he went further and pushed his Impressionism to pure Subjectivism.  Rising from this Subjectivism Pascal Tao abandoned all concept of “form” and relies on color as his sole medium.  In doing so, he has heightened the role of color to the utmost, achieving a color abstractionist style that is unique and mesmerizing.  A style that can be entered into the venerable pantheon so that all may partake and feel.


Color is how he interacts with his surroundings; it is his aria!  Now let us come together in supplication and open our hearts to Pascal’s works.  Let them lead us to the light.  Let us go enjoy a concert for the eyes.


Boundless Spirit, boundless art, melds into spirit, melds into art.


Chen Jing


Tao Ding