Archeological Discovery in AD 3009--Solo Exhibition of Yue Minjun

Opening time:
Duration: 2009.03.21 -- 2009.04.19
Location: The 2nd floor exhibition hall of Building No.1

Exhibition Preface

The difference between this exhibit and Yue Minjun's previous works lies in its focus, which not only concentrates on the creation of the work itself, but also extends further into the way the exhibition has been displayed. This way of exhibiting can be understood as a brand new artistic language of the artist.

??? The artist wishes to create a one-thousand-year shift in the sense of time.? The content of the work assumes an exhibition taking place in the future, in which archeological discoveries of relics of human life of today are presented. In this archeological exhibition imagined by the artist, there would be a series of unearthed relics made by the artist. So the content of this exhibition includes all kinds of images, created by the artist's imagination, of how future human beings would perceive the existing situation of human beings today, basing their knowledge on their archeological discoveries. However, visitors to the exhibition will see that people in the future, as imagined by the artist, have made many ridiculous and amusing misunderstandings about our condition of life, as well as the functions of the everyday things we use in our daily lives.