Xu Bing Aerial Phoenix Project

Opening time:
Duration: 2010.03.28 -- 2010.04.16
Location: Art Square & Building No.1, Today Art Museum
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Exhibition Preface

Xu Bing Phoenix Academic Conference

Time: 28 March, 2010

Venue: 2nd floor exhibition hall of building No.1


The Origin and Meaning of the Phoenix (Key Speaker: Tuo Li)

Capital and Art: Tension within Conspiracy (Key Speaker: Zhangke Jia)

Guest Speaker: Baoquan Zhang

Conference 2: 14:00-17:00

Phoenix: The Intersection between Art and Reality (Key Speaker: Jianghe Ouyang)

Guest Speaker: Gongkai Pan

Returning to the Basics of Art: Understanding the Artistic Language of thePhoenix (Key Speaker: Xu Bing)



Xu Bing