Origin Point——“Star Group”Retrospective Exhibition

Opening time:
Duration: 2007.11.18 -- 2007.11.28
Location: Beijing Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

“Stars Group” dated from the end of the 1970’s to the beginning of the 1980’s could be considered the first real art movement of the Modernism since the Culture Revolution in China, it doesn’t only carry the art value of a turning point, but also marks the political scene of the society of a special period of the history.
This exhibition collects almost a hundred works created before 1985 by the members of Stars Group, on one hand, they show the art movement of that special period of time and review this movement standing on the contemporary angle of view., search for some deeper meaning of the history and the society; On the other hand, by discussing over “Stars Group” again, these works question the development of contemporary art with a historical gesture, reflect the origin and the metropolitan territory of Chinese art of nowadays.