With You - I’ll Never Feel Lonely -- Chen Ke in Her Own Autobiography

Opening time:
Duration: 2012.03.03 -- 2012.03.12
Location: 1st floor exhibition hall of building No.3 Today Art Museum

Exhibition Preface

A solo exhibition of Chen Ke’s work will soon be held at Today Art Museum. Curated by renowned curator JuJu, the exhibition will feature nearly one hundred paper images created for Chen Ke’s autobiographical series: “With You, I Will Never Feel Lonely”. It showcases her own journey from a little girl who loved to paint to one of the representative contemporary female painters of this generation, all explored through the intriguing and priceless memories of Chen. Chen Ke’s autobiography, published in tandem with the exhibition, offers viewers a further opportunity to observe the development of this member of the new generation of contemporary artists. Through her own words and images, viewers can piece together the jigsaw puzzle that is Chen Ke’s maturation and growth as an artist.  Published by China Youth Press and designed by “Xiao Mage & Cheng Zi” design duo, "With You, I Will Never Feel Lonely” features a forward by curator Ju Ju and an endorsement by the artist Liu Ye, with original portraits by Chen Ke as illustrations. 


Zhu Zhu


Chen Ke