Black white and gray--an active cultural choice

Opening time:
Duration: 2007.07.21 -- 2007.08.05
Location: Today Art Museum(2nd and 3rd floor gallery)

Exhibition Preface

During the development of Chinese contemporary art from 1980s, there is an obvious existing fact which has not been noticed--- black, white, grey colors are always chosen to be used on the paintings, photographs and video works by many artists of the time. What kind of social-psychological state does this artistic language suggest? This question will be discussed in the exhibition through many works of several important contemporary Chinese artists, among them, there are Chen Jieren(Chieh-Jen),Fang Lijun,Guo Jin, Guo Wei,Hai Bo,He Sen,Li Dafang,Li Luming,Mao Xuhui,Shi- Xinning,Xin Haizhou,Yang Fudong,Yang Shaobin, Yin Chaoyang,Yu Hong,Zhang Xiaogang,Zhao Nengzhi and Zhuang Hui.



Chen Chieh-Jen,Fang Lijun,Guo Jin,Guo Wei,Hai Bo,He Sen,Li Dafang,Li Luming,Mao Xuhui,Shi Xinning,Xin Haizhou,Yang Fudong,Yang Shaobin,Yin Zhaoyangm,Yu Hong,Zhang Xiaogang,Zhao Nengzhi,Zhuang Hui