“China-Africa-America”Exhibition by José de Guimarāes

Opening time:
Duration: 2007.05.31 -- 2007.06.22
Location: Today Art Museum(the 3rd and 4th floor gallery)

Exhibition Preface

Portuguese artist José de Guimarāes collects the symbols while he travels around the world, and creates his own、unique language.

His work is like a mirror that disturbs his audience. People see through it and find life, extermination, death, rebirth which take their turn and repeat themselves all the time. It is a recovering world, a world that is calling on the reality. Guimarāes’s art is telling us a story that is predicted by us, such as a dream, fear and wound. which are the same problems that we all have.


Duration: 1st June – 22nd  June

Venue: the 3rd , 4th  Floor Gallery